9mm FMJ

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Our famous 9 mm ammo is very popular. We load our ammo to be efficient in your firearm and produce an accurate group.

Our 9mm averages at 1150 fps, with the exception of the 147 grain bullets. Were they are loaded them to average at 850 fps.

The options come in 115 grain, 124 grain, and 147gr Round Nose bullets in 50 round boxes.

We just about exclusively use XTREME Bullets. However, we typically will try to find the best deal to pass to our customers.

If you shoot 9mm, you have to give these freedom pills a run.

Cartridge: 9mm
Quantity: varies
Grain Weight: 115,124,147
Muzzle Velocity: 1180,1100,969
Muzzle Energy: 356,333,306
Bullet Style: Varies
Case Type: Brass
Primer: Boxer